increase in brain size is4

likely to be a consequenc??e of high levelQ

  • 什么项目可以快速赚钱—网赚不是梦

    s of competition in large groups. It seems that large brai??ned primates have had to develop strategies to cope with high rates of co??nflict." "This is of particular importance as primates are noted for the??ir social cognition -- for exj

    g why there is k
  • 什么项目可以快速赚钱—网赚不是梦

    ample, they are able to understand social re??lationships between individuals, track social relationships and can devel??op social strategies." The Manchester researchers also saw different pat??terns between the overall level of agonism 3

    strong associatW
  • 什么项目可以快速赚钱—网赚不是梦

    in a group and the amount of c??onflict between any two individuals within the group. Cowl added that th??is suggests that either individuals in larger groups can buffer aggressio??n better or that only species with low levels of dyadic cG

    i??on between b2
  • 什么项目可以快速赚钱—网赚不是梦

    onflict can main??tain large groups and stable social relationships. Dr Susanne Shultz, th??e senior author on the paper, said: "Now we have shown that big brains, b??ig groups and conflict are related to each other, this helps to answer N

    rain size and g8
  • 什么项目可以快速赚钱—网赚不是梦

    an?? enduring puzzle about why primates in larger groups have larger brains. ?? "It seems large-brained primates have evolved to cope with the challenge??s of conflict and coordination inherent in living in large groups."2

    roup size in prJ

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